Madison SCI Welcomes You!

Madison SCI's Mission 


The mission is to benefit and raise awareness of the community of people with spinal cord issues (injury, illness, & disease) and related conditions - including multiple sclerosis, cerebral palsy, muscular dystrophy and others. We have peer/mentoring for individuals and family members and adaptive equipment that members can borrow for free.


The MadSCI Experience


Join Madison SCI (Madison, Wisconsin, a chapter of United Spinal) and become a part of our vital community.


We plan - There's always something to plan for at MadSCI: events, outings, meetings, discussions, and many other ongoing activities.


We go - MadSCI is on the move with events that will get you out there, get you into it, and keep you going.


We conquer - Our MadSCI community will help you adjust to and deal with life as a spinal cord injury or someone with related issues. We are here for your family and caregivers too! Just let us know how we can help.


Explore the MadSCI Experience.


Join us for member meetings, outings, & events. 

Venue and time depends on month, please Meetings & Events page.

Member Meetings:

(2nd Tuesdays of the listed months)

March, May, October & November (Topic varies)


June Learn to Kayak

July / Aug 

Pontoon Porch, Olbrich Gardens, or other outings (determined each year - see Meetings & Events page)

Events:  (Venue determined every year)
(Details are on the Meetings & Events page.)

  • April - 1st Sat or Sun of the month


  • September  - 2nd Sat or Sun of the month

    • PICNIC

Additional Member Options -

Due to unpredictable weather, we are all encouraged to contact members via phone, email, and messaging for Jan, Feb, & Dec. We plan March but please see website on the day of for any cancellations due to weather. 

(Details are on the Meetings & Events page.)

  • December - Have lunch or dinner with another member or volunteer whether it is in person or virtually.

  • January  - Share a goal with another member or volunteer whether it is in person or virtually.

  • February - Reach out to a new member, volunteer, or someone you don't speak with regularly.


Join us and become a member Madison SCI, a chapter of United Spinal  today.
When you fill out the membership form, select Madison, you will receive a yearly subscription to New Mobility Magazine. 

Madison SCI Members -

Do you have ideas? Would you like to be a peer/mentor or be a part of the board? Click on “Contact” and let us know.

This is your group to help each other with resources and other vital information for planning, going and conquering issues that matter to you!