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Would you like volunteers at a different time? Send an email to info@sci-madison.org with the other times and an request will be sent out. There are no guarantees but we will ask volunteers if they are available.


A member using our single kayak with a volunteer studen

Adaptive Kayaking

We want you to enjoy the kayaks and chariot provided through contributions and grants. The tandem kayak is provided by a grant awarded through the Reeves Foundation. THANK you! Also our volunteers want to paddle with you! Here is how to get it started...

Check the calendar to see if the boats are available. If so, send an email to MadSCIplans@gmail.com with your reservation time and date and boat choice (single/tandem).


To use Madison SCI boats - You are required to sign the waiver, fill out the survey, and have a rented or your own life jacket.


Note: After you have some experience with adaptive kayaking, we have the trailer available for you to use with the boat(s) at another location.


If you need volunteers, check the Doodle Poll for the list and schedule your reservation accordingly.


Questions? Email info@SCI-Madison.org

Once you are at Brittingham Boats ...


BEFORE Kayaking Checklist:

  1. Sign a liability waiver and return the signed copy to the folder!!! All kayakers must sign a waiver! Click here for the waiver.

  2. .Unlock the desired kayak and set-up as instructed.

  3. Re-lock unused kayak (and possibly the chariot)! Also lock up member’swheelchair, if necessary.

  4. Re-lock lockers closed.

  5. Make sure all kayakers have life jackets on. Life jackets are available at the Brittingham Boats desk for rental. Members are responsible for bringing their own life jacket or paying for their life jacket rental.

  6. Additional kayaks for volunteers can be rented from Brittingham Boats (Volunteers are reimbursed by Madison SCI - Click here for the reimbursement form). All members are required to have at least one volunteer or friend/family member kayak with them (in tandem or single kayak).


AFTER Kayaking Checklist:

  1. Take apart boats and store all pieces in designated locations.

  2. Re-pack and re-lock lockers and boats. All tandem kayak equipment shouldgo in one locker, and all single kayak equipment in the other locker.

  3. Fill out survey provided in the folder, or click here SURVEY. If you fill out a paper survey, leave it in the folder. If you fill out an online survey, please submit it via email to MadSCIPlans@gmail.com